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Why Social Media and Education Is Vital for Development

In today’s society where school dropouts are becoming CEOs of big Fortune 500 companies, is quality education still crucial? Does having a good education really make a difference?

Education in a Nutshell

The education definition that many of us know is anchored on the fact that it is a process of acquiring and learning at school from a teacher or at home from our parents and other family members. It is a key which allows individuals to move up into the world, seeking better jobs and succeeding in life. The importance of education cannot really be overstated as it affects the different job positions that a lot of people hold, helping in career advancement and income generation. We have been led to believe that the more educated an individual is, the more power and prestige that same person holds.

Social Media and Education

Beginning its inception, the World Wide Web has transformed to become a huge part of an individual’s life where we depend on it for daily mundane activities like home security, banking and even education. Among all of these, social media has become one major attraction, it being both a curse and blessing. Notably when talking about types of education, social media has been viewed as more of a positive indication of advancement and we cannot deny the fact that certain disadvantages go with it, too. In fact, a lot of people have already been considering it as a distraction to students today.

Pupils often familiarize themselves with technology and computers when they navigate various social networking platforms. In the same way, they pick up a lot of valuable skills along the way as regards an instrument that plays an indispensable role in the world. Furthermore, it also encourages networking with different kinds of people, which can actually be regarded as good when it comes to the business environment.

The same would also be the case when it comes to administrators and teachers. With the advent of blogs, Facebook and Twitter, educators can now make use of such to record and share materials to their students, as well as learn about teaching practices and theories in real time. Through education and social media, many can now expand on learning techniques and interact with students outside the four walls of the classroom.

Negative Effects

On the other hand, the rise in the number of social media users and the various technological advancements has produced negative impacts both inside and outside the learning environment.

While the Internet can be seen as among the positive education factors, it also has a lot of potential to obstruct communication skills, social growth and student performance. To what element do we owe the decline in academic performance?

We, at The Startup Expert® recognize the fact that education and development cannot easily be easily separated from one another. The main point that we need to focus on is finding the balance between all of the principles mentioned above. Contact us to learn more about our advocacy.