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Why Human Resource Management Is Important for a Business?

Human resource management is very important for a company. Many people think it is solely about recruitment and selection, but it is actually more than just that. The process of recruiting and selecting qualified individuals to work for the company is just one of the many things included in the human resource management. Know the importance of human resource management by knowing its different aspects.

The Human Resources’ Functions

Human resource is more than just merely holding the recruitment process. It actually has six major functions. Here are the following:

  • Recruitment

It is the process of gathering, pooling and selecting the right applicants to a certain position. The success of recruiters lies on how many vacant positions they will be able to fill in. They should conduct effective recruitment strategies that will attract qualified applicants to send their application form.

  • Safety

Aside from recruiting, the human resource management should also guarantee the workplace safety. Thus, they should provide workplace safety training and maintain records of accidents and injuries that happened in the workplace.

  • Employee Relations

One of the major functions of human resource management is tostrengthen the relationship between the employer and employees. They should also ensure job satisfaction among employees. Thus, they have to address their concerns.

  • Compensation and Benefits

The human resource management is responsible for determining and ensuring that employees get their well-deserved compensation and benefits. Evaluation of the company’s pay structure and practice is one of their responsibilities.

  • Compliance

Another function of the HR is to ensure that they comply with the rules and regulations regarding employment.

  • Training and Development

Training and development is the last scope of human resource management. It is the process by which HR gives their employees the specific trainings and tools necessary to do their job and to achieve success.

How important is the HR?

Some people think that human resource department is not as important as the other departments in a company. They are wrong. Human resource department is as important as the sales department, marketing department, accounting department and many more. Without the HR department, there won’t be proper human resource planning. Recruitment and selection won’t be done in an organize way. There won’t be anyone to give trainings to the newly hired. There won’t be someone to listen and address the problems of the employees in a workplace.

Remember that HR is the one handling the employees. Without proper human resource management, it is impossible to expect for great talents to work for your company. Keep in mind that what makes a company successful and running are the entire team. The absence of one is definitely a big loss for the company.

How to Be a Great Human Resource Manager

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