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At The Startup Expert, we are all about working with you to build the best business possible. It used to be enough to have just a website. Not anymore! In this global, digital driven economy a business needs to take full advantage of the best tools possible to bring eyes to your business and cash to your bank account. For many businesses, the most powerful of those tools is a WEBINAR.

People love to watch and listen to experts who can help transfer information into actions that inspire them to accomplish the goals they are trying to reach. With the right webinar, your audience will feel privileged to have been invited to something so groundbreaking that they can’t wait for it to start! As they watch it, their reasons to say yes build. You understand them. They understand that you hold the answers they seek.
Your Webinar should be exciting, encouraging and so enticing that those you seek to reach, can’t help but take that next step to begin working with your business.

What business owners don’t love is to struggle with a task they are not familiar or comfortable with. Even the experts admit that the first time they attempt to create a webinar that it is a disaster that took too much time, too much money and didn’t give them what they hoped for…sales!

You can do it yourself, but with no experience or training, that takes a lot of time and effort and in the end you don’t want to look at a webinar that is as boring, poorly written, poorly produced or simply doesn’t cause your audience to reach out. You need to build a webinar that is bold, and emblazoned with so much energy and enticement that your target audience just can’t wait to press that buy button.

Would you struggle with writing a clear, concise script? How about creating a registration page or programming your backend emails to produce pre-webinar reminders and post webinar responses?

Did you know that you can have specific emails sent out to based on the viewer’s actions or inactions? Did you know that you can program a webinar system to send out a specific email for those who attend but don’t purchase, don’t attend, leave early, choose to purchase?

Do you feel comfortable creating landing pages for offers before and after the webinar?

I’m sorry if you might feel overwhelmed just reading this, but keep in mind that this is just a tiny sample of some of the tasks that go into creating a successful webinar. Running your business shouldn’t be a HUGE struggle, it should be you the owner having the choice to stay in your comfort zone and work on the things that inspire you to make your business grow.

Writing aside, just the unfamiliarity with technology can seem equivalent to rocket science. If the time and struggle it takes for you to create your own webinar doesn’t equate in $$$ to the time you’re giving to that task, it’s time to bring in a rocket scientist!

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It’s time to put away any attempt to solve complicated algorithms and turn Webinar creation into a simple 1,2,3 math quiz with the help of The Startup Expert.

The Startup Expert is here to build your webinar for you. We can take care of the whole thing or fill in the gaps between those things you don’t know how to do, or don’t want to do. We also can offer to maintain your webinar and you just need to wait for the monthly reports to arrive!

Let us take care of the build and be your partner in maintaining your online presence to its optimum potential. No muss, no fuss, no new programs to learn. Just keep your hands in all the other aspects of your business you are accomplished at, love and enjoy to do. You got into your own business because you had a vision. Let us help you maintain that vision by eliminating any of the nightmares that can accompany creating a webinar.

Whether we are working to make your slide decks visually appealing, integrating cookies, reporting on attendance and results or simply helping you to write copy that gets your point across with clarity, there are a lot of aspects of making a webinar successful.

We are here to make you a Startup Expert, and every expert knows that they can only reach the highest levels of success by surrounding themselves with other experts. So if you want to have a powerful team on your side, give us a call today so we can work together to do anything from filling in the gaps to completely controlling the production and distribution of the next webinar that will make your business explode!

Call Now to Learn About Our Webinar Services:

(727) 386.8144