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I love helping others reach their full potential that they didn’t know existed.



Victor’s background and business experience makes him a fantastic motivator. He is the perfect coach to have by your side if you want a personalized growth strategy and you dream big! You see Victor doesn’t only coach for the Startup Expert, he runs a coaching and business school in Brazil that currently houses over 35 coaches.

What will truly get Victor excited about working you is if you have a dream, but you are a little foggy on how to get there. From the latest business administration tools to roadmap building, he truly thrives when he sees that he is helping you clarify your vision and achieve the goals you set out in front of you.

Victor loves working with every size business ranging from startups all the way to mid-sized firms where his business administration background truly shines by helping both owners and key employees stay motivated and on track. Whether you need to build a roadmap to success or implement SWAT analysis, Victor’s methodology is designed to inspire you into action and to ensure that your action is getting you the results you want.

Victor believes that you can’t get the right answer if you don’t ask the right questions, so he spends a lot of time just making sure that he is asking you questions that matter and that you are asking questions of yourself, your business, your market and of your team that help get you on track to achieving your dreams.

From the service industry to retail and even industrial businesses, Victor knows what it takes to bring your business to the next level. Need marketing coaching? Need administration coaching? Need systemization coaching? Need automation coaching? Need an international point of view? Victor is your go to guy! Keith is now using those skills that he’s acquired over the course of 20 years to help others to succeed in their endeavors.

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