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Tips and Tricks for Effective Hiring for the Start-up Stage

Hiring the best employee for your new business will be the best investment any start-up will make.  Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of assuming they can do it all.  At The Startup Expert ®, we always recommend to invest in the best talent. This will give your company a lot of savings in the form of time.

Start-ups that hire the best talents can achieve his revenue target faster. Having a great team player on board allows leaders to focus on other aspects of growth like research and development. We share with you some tips and tricks to get the best people on board.

Hiring Process for Start-ups Include Building Talent Pipeline

Sourcing talent means having a database of prospective employees. There are a lot of ways you can get people to submit their CVs to your company. The first step is to get the information out. Let people know that you’re hiring. You can:

  • Post it on your company website
  • Post it on job listing sites
  • Join job and career fairs
  • Get a recruitment agency to help you

Testing Their Real Skills

How will you know that they’re the best person you need to complete the team? That’s simple. Hiring top people for start-ups involves testing their actual skills and abilities. If you’re hiring for a marketing post, have the person submit a 3 month marketing plan for recommendations. Test the person’s ability to do the work you need them to do. If they give you ideas aligned with what your company needs, then he/she might be what you’re looking for.

Share Your Vision

Let them know about your plans for growth and how they can contribute in these expansion areas. It will give candidates a picture of their career path once they join your team. Millenials, the biggest chunk of the working population are visionaries. They want to know and participate in the company’s plans and culture building. Once these young minds see how you intend to grow the company, they will be one of the most engaged employees. If they see the potential of your product they will lead growth initiatives without too much prodding.

Culture Fit and Team Buy-in

Start-ups have relatively small teams. Employees get to work with everyone. To be able to do this, your employees need to be united and harmonious. Test your prospect employees fit in your company culture by having them mingle with the rest of the team over lunch or for a few hours in the office. Ask your team if they can bear spending 8 hours with that person. If they said yes, then give that person the job offer immediately.

The last and final tip to help you in hiring the best employee for your new business is to quickly seal the deal with a job offer. Once the person passes all your tests and requirements, get that contract running before others give them an offer they can’t resist. Contact The Startup Expert® and learn how others consulted with them in their recruitment process for their startups.

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