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Thank You

We appreciate your business. Please check your email for any important information. We’ll get started right away!


Just a quick note to brag on The Startup Expert! I recently had them design a logo for my company. They asked a lot of questions about my company as well as my industry and then produced several different designs. From those designs, I asked for multiple changes and they made the changes very quickly. Throughout the entire process, they were very focused on making sure that I was happy with the end result. I would recommend them again without question!

Christopher C., Sales Manager


Let us know how else we can help! Be sure to ask your coach about other things we can do to help make your journey easy and inexpensive.


Let’s face it. Starting and growing a business is hard. As Sir Isaaic Newtson said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Schedule a FREE consultation with one of our certified business coaches and learn from those who have walked the walk.


It’s a long road you and you shouldn’t travel alone. We do one-on-one coaching with business owners who need a hand holding experience. We help get your ideas out of your head and on paper and guide you through the turbulent entrepreneur landscape. Many entrepreneurs need a professional push to keep them on track and to hold one accountable.


Logos. Websites. Trademarks. Press Releases. Content Writing. Social Media Management. Promotional Products. Marketing in multiple mediums and more. We’ve got you covered! We can help create your brand or tweak an existing one. Good branding and marketing is what creates leads that turn into sales and clients!


You’re hardly alone if you need help generating leads, closing deals and making money or if you need to refine your sales process. We can also help with consulting on or hiring salespeople on a shoestring budget. The Startup Expert ® can also and assist you in implementing technology to make selling fun and easy! We can help create marketing campaigns, write sales scripts and more!

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