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I love that I can help other people reach their goals. That I can creatively solve their problems.



A self-professed geek, Terry has founded and sold a software business, worked with techies and business people as an analyst and finally found his true calling in 2011 when he put all of his experience together to coach small business owners in service areas ranging from technology to healthcare.

In his own business, he became the master of the pivot. Starting in the consulting realm, then pivoting into production as the market shifted IT work over to India and then finally refocusing his business on selling software to small business, Terry ran his own operation for over a decade. In his final successful pivot, Terry saw the market changing and decided to sell his business as the ecommerce landscape changed and he saw the writing on the wall.

That is what Terry does. He helps you see the writing on the wall, he assists with pivots, he dives deep into the technical backend of your business and he helps business owners who are juggling 20 balls in the air at once. Terry will help you not only plan strategically for the future, but he will make sure you know what to be doing this afternoon so that day after day your business keeps advancing, stays on track and hits the targets.

Terry is not every entrepreneur’s ideal coach. If you are fresh in business and you don’t have traction, he is not your guy. Terry is a true maestro at helping you when you have grown enough to know your systems have issues. Terry best works with those who have gone through some trials and tribulations in their business and realize that they need help in certain areas. After having talked to thousands of small business owners, he has broken his philosophy down into three main areas.

His first focus on is optimizing your marketing to get more money rolling in. From funnels to optimization to implementation of new systems, Terry will first make sure your bottom line is covered.

Secondly, he focuses on time and priority management because he knows how complicated running your business can be and how easy it is to lose priorities. From long term planning all the way down to individual daily tasks, he helps keep your head on straight and your eye on the prize.

Thirdly he focuses on helping you systematize your business so that you can make everything flow more easily. This systemization becomes key when you need to hire somebody. With Terry’s help, instead of hiring someone and then trying to figure out what you need them to do, having your business properly systematized means that you know exactly what your new hire needs to do. Terri is also a proud father, a husband, a music and tech geek. Don’t play ‘name that tune’ with Terry for 70s-90s music… you will lose.

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