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Strategies for Handling Difficult Conversations

Nothing can prove to be more stressful than being engaged in a difficult conversation. Handling these types of conversations without losing self-control can spring from awareness, perspective and lots of practice. With just a few simple tips from The Startup Expert®, you will be able to conquer the fear and hold the whole thing while walking away feeling good and confident.

These five strategies will get you through getting over difficult conversation mistakes and still enable you to keep utmost composure:

Do Not Stray Away from Your True Self

It took me quite some time to learn this first tip at heart and surely it has helped me cope with all the anxiety that comes from just thinking about managing difficult conversations. Remember that you have every right to give honor to yourself as a person with integrity. You can voice out your opinion about any topic that makes you uncomfortable without trying to explain yourself. Although you cannot change another person’s opinion of you right away, in the end what matters is the fact that you have an awareness of who you truly are.

Remember Where You Are

Your workplace may be likened to the World Wide Web, once some words have been out of your mouth, they cannot be taken back. The old saying, “walls have ears” is proof that conversations, even confidential ones, can be viral. With this in mind, you have to take note that getting comfortable with difficult conversations means accepting that they can easily be forwarded. This is the reason why it is always wise to choose your words.

Head and Heart Connection

All too often, we will not even begin to notice that the way we communicate is also linked to our stress levels. Everything you say will be perceived as an annoyance, disapproval or confrontation. In times like this, then your head may not be connected to your heart. More likely, the conversation is not just difficult for you but to the other party, as well.

Practice Your Comments

Have you experienced coming up with a good comment to a specific remark only to find out that the timing has already passed? If your answer is a resounding yes, then you are not alone. Knowing how to say something, what to say and expressing it an organized way comes with proper planning and difficult conversations training, not just shooting from the hip without thinking. One loose comment can distort your intention and make it open to lots of interpretation. To help you, write out the situation that you are anticipating and listen to your own voice and words. Practice can increase your chances of becoming successful at getting your point across.

Consider the Impact

What will be the result of a certain conversation and its impact on the parties involved? In the long run, you will discover that there are difficult conversation examples that were not meant to happen in the first place. A tiny shift in behavior can make a big difference between losing or keeping clients, creating chaos or maintaining morale and from deflating self-worth to motivating a co-worker.

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