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Join an exclusive community of industry leading coaches and uniquely motivated entrepreneurs that come together every single day in our online village to receive support, give advice, share information and help each other advance the growth of their businesses.

This Startup Village doesn’t just come with exclusive access to a small, yet dedicated group of entrepreneurs just like you who are pushing hard to grow their business.

The Village doesn’t just come with Startup Expert ® coaches as moderators and advisors.

The Village doesn’t just come with feedback from our coaches.  

The Village doesn’t just come with special offers designed to make your company money.

The Startup Expert’s ® Startup Village is so much more than these amazing features.  

With Your Startup Village, you get to participate in a monthly sprint post where you report to your Village how much you have advanced your startup since the previous month.  Your Village will be there to motivate you to keep going and you will be there to keep them motivated as well!

You become part of our exclusive weekly strategy share where you will be learning to think strategically in the exact same way as the rest of your Startup Village.

You will also get exclusive access to calls and sessions from a wide variety of company CEOs, business coaches and marketing experts who will give you important lessons and offer vital feedback to you personally.

When you join the Startup Village, you will also be joining a specially designed group coaching program that includes a village wide call every 2 weeks designed to get you moving in the right direction, answer any questions you may have and keep you laser focused.  

Finally, when you join the Startup Village, you will have 24 hour access to chat with all of the entrepreneurs in your virtual community any time you want, restriction free!

Your Village is your startup’s FIRST support system.

Your Village is your FIRST go-to resource

Your Village is designed to keep you strong

Your Village gives you the right mindset

Your Village keeps you focused

Your Village keeps you prioritized

Your Village keeps you connected.  


Why Join A Village?

At The Startup Expert ® , we consider joining The Village to be a key step on your path to becoming a true startup expert.  By combining community, support and accountability, your startup journey moves faster, makes you more money and gives you a tribe for life.  

As your business grows, your needs will change and as you continue on your journey, you will know when the time is right to step your game up into personalized business coaching.  Getting a TSEt ® coach on your team will make sure that you can take advantage of the specialized help your business needs from the industry’s best coaching system.

Join your own Startup Village today for less than you spend on your daily coffee!

Each village has a limited population and our newest village only has X spots left, so act now and for only $49 per month you can join the best business building community out there!


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