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Startup Launchpad For Real Estate Professionals

Learn to put first things first
and build your Real Estate business for the long term- Using proven strategies, systems and secrets.

Discovered! The most important things that Realtors are doing wrong that guarantees that 87% of them will die within 5 years.

You’ve become certified and learned a whole lot about the Real Estate Industry, now it’s time to learn how to run your new career like a business.

Learn to launch right!

Don’t be the Realtor that fails because your strategy is flawed.

Being a Realtor is a tried-and-true method for following passions, creating wealth, changing the world.

Even still, almost 9 out of every 10 of you will fail and many of you will fail for reasons that are simple to avoid!

87% is an insane number! Why should you work so hard and so long, just to lose it all? That’s not why you got into the Real Estate game!

Learn to avoid these problems become a master of Real Estate BUSINESS.

As much as you know about Real Estate, chances are you aren’t yet good at running your career like a business.  The real problem is that Realtors aren’t generally good at running a business.

A professional like you might be fantastic and many areas of Real Estate, but being a Real Estate master doesn’t prevent you from being a lousy business person. And that’s ok, because helping clients is why your career exists in the first place.

But what’s NOT ok is that you can go broke because you were better at talking to customers than you were at business.

That is why we have created a program especially for you!


The Startup Expert ® is proud to present: The Business of Being a Realtor

In this exclusive training, we are going to go through the key areas that you need to get straight if you are going to avoid being one of the nearly 90% of Realtors that fail within their first 5 years.


Get your mind straight and stop thinking like an employee.  The greatest Realtors out there know that their personal brand is their greatest asset and their success rests solely on the shoulders of their daily actions.  The greatest Realtors are entrepreneurs, so if you have any issue understanding that you are now an entrepreneur, this training is essential for you!


What are you spending your time on?  It’s hard to be independant. It’s hard to start out and feel a alone. It’s really hard to make sure that you are actually being productive, especially if you don’t have your priorities set and you don’t know what to do next!

You know what’s even harder? Going broke.

This training will take you through the fundamentals of valuing your time and choosing your activities carefully so that your launch into the marketplace starts showing results now, not later!


Goal setting is half art, half science, half self discipline and half skill and if you counted it up that means that goal setting is about doubly as difficult as everyone thinks it is, but be diligent and practice it daily so that your plan fills your day with action and inspiration as you move towards having the business you dream of.

Knowing Yourself

The greatest Realtors are the most authentic Realtors.  The happiest professionals are the ones who work with clients who fit their personality and style.  There are endless streams of potential clients out there for you, but if you don’t accept yourself and define who you best work with, you might find yourself spinning your wheels and just not “clicking with” anybody.


This is an essential part of every new Realtor’s path.  Together we will go through what your goals look like once they are laid out in a plan that you can get behind.  The key to a great plan is knowing what comes next and once you know yourself, you have set your goals and you understand how to value your time, planning everything from your day to your next 5 years actually becomes fun and effective!

We cover a whole lot more than just those areas, but before we go on I would like you to consider how important it is to have a good launch into Real Estate.

How important it is to avoid the struggle that leads so many to fail.

The table below illustrates how important a strong launch is to your startup…and how bad a lousy launch can be.

Without a great launch With a great launch
You are stuck doing LOW VALUE activities every day You let the business’s systems do much of the work for you
You are stuck doing EVERYTHING You are surrounded by people you trust who are better at each individual piece of your Real Estate business than you are
You fear tax time and worry if you will have enough. Your profit is properly taken care of so that you don’t spend it all on taxes!
You are open to losing everything from one simple lawsuit Your contracts protect you and your business
You hope your commissions are enough to keep your bills paid. Your commissions keep rolling in and your own passive Real Estate income keeps growing!
You have to deal with every customer, no matter how HORRIBLE! You know who your ideal customer is
You worry about your bills at home and it makes you wonder why you ever started in Real Estate at all. Your salary makes going to work on your business a pleasure instead of a stress

Being a Realtor means being in business and business isn’t any one thing.

It is a complex series of activities that need to be done every single day.

If you aren’t trained, if you aren’t prepared, if you aren’t working with the right people or if you aren’t making enough then you might be part of the 87% of Realtors who will fail within the first 5 years.



Before he dedicated himself to making you a startup expert, Bert Seither was the original Startup Expert. He is the founder, visionary, and driving force behind The Startup Expert and the man who makes it his personal responsibility to make sure you get your startup off the ground right.

Educated at the University of Florida, Bert earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Communications, with an emphasis on psychology. Since that time, he’s gained a knowledge and experience in a wide array of fields, equipping him specifically for the purpose of showing you how to get your startup off to a stellar start. His expertise has been featured in expert interviews on major television networks such as ABC, NBC, and Fox.

Bert believes that to teach, one must remain active in what one teaches. An owner of multiple profitable businesses over the past two decades, his first profitable venture happened at age the tender age of 14. Since then, he has launched, grown and successfully exited from multiple businesses ranging from eCommerce to drone photography, all while helping thousands of entrepreneurs reach their goals. Today, Bert buys, fixes and sells businesses and actively acts as an angel investor in personally selected startup opportunities as well.

As a man who believes that it is important to give back to the community in both business and family matters, Bert is a Certified Business Coach and a Certified S.C.O.R.E. Mentor who, for a number of years and to this day, counsels and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams. He’s a certified Business Coach who’s consulted with more than 12,000 startups in the past decade and is versed in numerous startup topics.
Bert’s The Man!

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Why this course again?

Because you’re going to get lucky. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Your opportunity to get prepared is here.


Stretch a small budget across your startup costs. Establish your business online, and make sure your marketing matches your image. Plan and set up efficient, effective business processes and operations. Find, attract and convert leads into happy customers.

Get More From Your Real Estate Business TODAY!

All we need from you is a little effort and a can-do attitude.
Stop Dreaming And Start Acting With The Business of Being a Realtor from The Startup Expert ® !