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Discovered! The Most Important Things That Business Owners Are Doing Wrong To Guarantee That 80% Of Them Will Die Within 5 Years.

Learn to put first things first and build your business for the long term – Using proven strategies, systems and secrets.

Owning a business is a tried-and-true method for following passions, creating wealth, changing the world. Even still, 8 out of every 10 businesses fail and many of them fail for reasons that are simple to avoid!

80% is an insane number! Why should you work so hard and so long, just to lose it all? That’s not why you got into business!

Become a master of business

When a graphic designer runs a graphic design business, it doesn’t matter how great he is at designing if he can’t figure marketing out or has no idea how to entice people to work with him!

A clothing designer who makes amazing clothes shouldn’t have to spend 50 hours a week just dealing with ordering, returns, customer service, bookkeeping, public relations and making sure that everything is legally sound in his corporation. That clothing designer should be designing his amazing clothes.

Like I mentioned, the real problem is business owners aren’t generally good at running a business. A professional who starts a consulting business is probably a pretty good consultant, but being a great consultant doesn’t prevent her from being a lousy business person. And that’s ok, because consulting is why her business exists in the first place.

But what’s NOT ok is that an amazing consultant can go broke because they were better at consulting than they were at business.

Remember that just because you have an idea, that’s not enough. Don’t get me wrong. Of course the world needs great ideas, but the fact is that almost every business out there fails. If you were going skydiving and you knew that 80% of the parachutes didn’t open, would you still jump out of that airplane?

You might if you realized that 80% of people were packing their chutes incorrectly! You might jump if you studied and prepared and put yourself in a better position than 99% of other skydivers out there. You would be smart to jump if you had the knowledge, team and skills to make your jump nearly risk free!

That is what we have created with our program Startup Launchpad.

It’s 8 weeks that are specifically designed to make your jump as risk free as possible. It’s designed to help you have the thrill of a lifetime with the business you own and love. It’s teaching you to pack your chute, showing you when to jump, ensuring your rip cord gets pulled on time and helping you land safely.

It’s everything about launching a business you wish you had been taught in school, but never were.

Remember that the business owners who are willing to act are the business owners who are willing to succeed. If you act within a plan, your chances of success are greatly increased.

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“But I own a business. I know what to do”

Are you sure? You may wish to ask yourself, “Is my business in the top 10% of all businesses its age?”

If it’s not, then you are at SERIOUS risk of losing it all like so many others have
before you.

Are you stressed out and overwhelmed
with your startup?

I know from working with thousand of entrepreneurs over my career that having a startup is really hard and it is easy to get lost. Not only that, but there are so many experts teaching so many different tactics that it can leave your head spinning.

How do you know who to trust? How do you know what your business needs? How do you avoid missing “business killing” steps? How do you make sure you aren’t just doing your new job well, but you are actually running the business part well?

From taxes to regulations to sales to marketing to branding, it seems like there are endless ways to “do” every part of your business. Which way is best? What should you start off with? For that reason, The Startup Expert ® has created Startup Launchpad and we designed it to help keep you from failing.

I know that it sounds harsh, but remember…almost every single startup fails.

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months: A whopping 80% crash and burn.

Your business may be at risk of failure if:

  • You are struggling to maintain consistent cash flow
  • Your customer retention is lower than you’d like
  • You worry about bills every month
  • You can’t take a vacation
  • You have troubles covering payroll
  • You aren’t able to save for the future
  • You ever feel overwhelmed or like you are missing something…..

Here’s the good news…there is light on
the other side of the tunnel!

How does $4 million dollars a year of recurring income from one phone call sound to you? How about about charging over $5,000 an hour for your time? Would you like to build a business that sells national and even international level franchises? Many of our clients have gone on to do all those things and more…and they all had one thing in common. They worked with their launch plan every single day.

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The power of a strong launch

In the world of science, a launch cannot happen without first defeating INERTIA, which is simply the resistance that objects at rest have to a change of their state of motion, and creating and building MOMENTUM, which is measured by how fast and how big anything is moving, whether it be a real celestial body or a hot new startup on a “shooting star” vector of success. If you’re determined to succeed, you’ll need to make INERTIA and MOMENTUM buzzwords by keeping them in the foreground of your daily thinking.

You want to launch? Simple. Beat inertia. Gain momentum.

You want to soar? Maintain and increase momentum.

Here’s a fun fact:

In the world of science, a launch cannot happen without first defeating INERTIA, which is simply the resistance that objects at rest have to a change of their state of motion, and creating and building MOMENTUM, which is measured by how fast and how big anything is moving, whether it be a real celestial body or a hot new startup on a “shooting star” vector of success. If you’re determined to succeed, you’ll need to make INERTIA and MOMENTUM buzzwords by keeping them in the foreground of your daily thinking.


This is one example of defeating inertia. A real world example would have an owner of a clothes designing business hiring a personal assistant or hiring a consultant to create and manage their social media sites and posts, in order to have more time to do the actual creative designing work themselves.

Once inertia is defeated and some momentum is achieved, our startup plane reaches the upper atmosphere and new concerns arise. What is the ultimate cruising altitude? Where are the winds most prominently in our favor? Where is the weather clearest and where do the strongest tailwinds exist?

At this point, specific actions steps are required that may be industry specific depending upon how specialized your business is….BUT…If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I got my business up from a crawl to a run, now I want it to FLY!”, you’re in the right place.

Sound like you?

To bring our illustration out of the clouds and make it more grounded, once a small amount of momentum is achieved, the next step is to maintain and increase it. The magic of momentum is that once acquired, requires opposite and/or contrary forces to slow it down/stop it…or it simply runs on its own if no forces arises to change that.

In short, momentum drives everything…especially in business.

Get Momentum!

We are proud to have created Startup Launchpad, an 8 week training experience that will set you straight on course for the success you know your business deserves.

This series has come from years of helping TENS OF THOUSANDS of business owners and knowing what mindsets, activities and systems to use to make your business hit cruising altitude!

We don’t just take the advice of one person or the experience of a lone successful outlier to create a system. Over the years our team has helped tens of thousands of businesspeople achieve startup launch success.

So you see, a successful launch is how you defeat inertia. Leveraging one’s time by delegating tasks to those better qualified in order to devote more time to higher-priority activities is a just one example of momentum building.

You’ll learn all about that and much more with Startup Launchpad.

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Just How Important Is A Launch?

The table below illustrates how important a strong launch is to your startup…and how bad a lousy launch can be.

With A Great Launch Without A Great Launch
You let the business’s systems do much of the work for you You are stuck doing LOW VALUE activities every day
You are surrounded by people you trust who are better at each individual piece of your business than you are You are stuck doing EVERYTHING
Your profit is properly taken care of so that you don’t spend it all on taxes! You fear tax time and worry if you will have enough.
Your contracts protect you and your business You are open to losing everything from one simple lawsuit
Your product is priced to make you grow fast! You hope your margins are enough to keep your bills paid.
You know who your ideal customer is You have to deal with every customer, no matter how HORRIBLE!
Your salary makes going to work on your business a pleasure instead of a stress You worry about your bills at home and it makes you wonder why you ever started a business at all.
You feel confident, relaxed and excited about your business You secretly start to hate your business….This is THE BIG ONE that leads businesses to fail yet almost nobody talks about.

Business isn’t any one thing, it is a complex series of activities that need to be done every single day. If you aren’t trained, if you aren’t prepared, if you aren’t working with the right people or if you aren’t charging enough then you might be part of the 80% of business owners who will fail within the first 5 years.


Ever heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, but WHO you know”? Sure. Everyone has.

Musical entertainers don’t make it big without agents and record labels, right? Agents need talent to represent, record labels need the talent to make the records they sell. They all rely on one another for their respective industries to be profitable.

We’ll show you how to connect with those best suited to help you achieve your business goals. No company succeeds without referrals and mutually-beneficial relationships.


We entrepreneurs know that operating a business is tough….really tough! As businesses grow, task lists swell, responsibilities change hands and if we don’t have a clear plan on who is going to take care of everything, things slip through the cracks. The worst part is that many times we don’t even see the things we are missing until it is too late.

In order to obtain and maintain optimum efficiency, we must accomplish the following tasks, which we’ll cover quickly:

Automating your memory

The minimal operations required to launch

AAAAND the big one here is when to outsource.
(also known as replacing yourself)


Forgetting something is one is one of the biggest problem causers out there! It’s happened to all of us. You have 150 orders in and all of a sudden a call comes in from one of your suppliers saying that you haven’t paid this month’s bill yet so the product won’t be getting delivered.

We are in the age of the smartphone. We can ask Siri or Google to remind us and a reminder will pop right into our pockets. If you aren’t making sure that your memory is automated, you are taking a big risk of your company getting out of hand. Missing due dates can be much more detrimental when we are talking about meetings, taxes, a presentation, or a demonstration. You can lose your contract, you can lose your business. Money is on the line when you forget so eliminate that risk and automate.

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Before you launch, your business is in a precarious situation of spending money without having any money come in the door. It’s dangerous to waste time and money on things that won’t give a good return on investment, but it is even more dangerous to forget about a process all together and have your operations fall apart on you. It is a fine line to toe. So before you launch you need to look at all of your operations and ask yourself this one simple question:

What systems, documentation or manuals can I create after we are in business?

It’s important because after you launch, you can allocate a percentage of your time, your team’s time and your company’s money to making all of your operations run flawlessly. But if it’s nice instead of necessary and you decide to do it before you launch the business, you are simply burning time, money and man hours.

Get Startup Launchpad Now!


How do you decide what to outsource? Ask yourself this question:

Would it be cheaper, faster, better quality or free me up to do something of higher value if I outsourced this? If the answer is yes AND you can put your time into something that will make you money, then definitely outsource it. Why do your own bookkeeping when your virtual assistant can find someone for a few dollars an hour? Why write, perform, film, edit, post and control your webinar when you don’t really know how to do ANY of that?

Outsourcing in today’s market means that businesses can start smaller, work leaner and get more done with fewer people working as employees. Some of the most common areas small startups outsource are in the accounting, legal, design and manufacturing industries. But these days outsourcing isn’t limited to these areas. You can outsource everything from cold calling to appointment setting to blog writing. The possibilities are limitless.


Luck is a very real thing in the business world. Timing is everything. Real entrepreneurs make their own luck because they understand the formula.

For those in the dark about it, here it is: LUCK = PREPARATION + OPPORTUNITY.

Oh yeah…don’t forget the part about TIMING. Here’s a great example.

NFL Coach/GM George Allen, when faced in the early 70s with revamping a longtime losing Washington Redskins franchise into a perennial winner told Redskins fans, “The Future Is Now”. Allen traded most of the Redskins’ draft choices away over the next several years for aging, wizened veterans who were ready to win right away. Win they did, making the playoffs several years in a row and making one losing Super Bowl appearance. His teams never suffered a losing season in Washington. Allen’s quote represents a genius PR move and overall football philosophy all rolled into one.


You wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t deadly serious about making a decisive move in your business. This is your opportunity to be trained properly and be prepared to be part not just of the 20% who succeed…but the 1% who excel!

Your opportunity begins here with
Startup Launchpad.

In this 8 week training we are going to tackle the MAJOR pain points in almost every business that dies on the vine so that you can make sure that your business doesn’t just survive, it thrives.

What will we be covering? Let’s take a quick look at the 8 weeks and what each of them mean to your business.



Every great business starts with an actionable plan. We’ll give you a tried-and-tested template, and together, we’ll fill it in over 2 months.



In Week 2, we’ll walk you through establishing an effective, integrated online presence for your business.



For your business to make money, you’ll need customers. Before they’re customers, they’re leads. We’ll show you how to drum them up on a shoe-string budget.



The time to think about the legal structure of your business is now, not later. We’ll walk you through multiple legal frameworks in a way that’s easy to understand.



Public Relations and free media are a great way to showcase your business at low or no cost. We’ll show you how to handle both.



The most successful businesses in the world learn one key lesson quickly – work smarter, not harder. We’ll help you learn it too.



Small businesses benefit from multiple tax programs designed to encourage them to startup and grow. We’ll guide you through them as well of some of the requirements you will have as a small business owner.



To bring in leads and customers, you’ll need a robust, integrated marketing plan. Together, we’ll build one that’s cost-efficient and engaging.

After your 8 weeks are finished, your launch might not be over, but it and you will be well on the way. You will possess tools, tips, tricks, mentalities and milestones that can keep you running hard until you get your business to reach the sky.

Your trip with us won’t end there though. The Startup Expert will be with you every single step of the way. You see we aren’t just an education company like many of the other “coaching” companies out there. We are an action company!

Let’s dive a little deeper into a couple of interesting areas we will be covering.


As I see it, one of the biggest opportunities that the entrepreneurs I have worked with in the past have missed out on is Public Relations.

Frankly, you don’t see a lot of businesses going out of business because of a bad PR policy or strategy. But what you do see is a lot of businesses that are overspending on their marketing when they could reorient themselves to becoming a media darling and reap the benefits. Lacking in public relations means lacking in growth for many companies who are working on strict budgets and limited margins.

Strong Public Relations is half science and half art, it is knowing where to look for opportunities, when to reach out and how to set you and your business up in the places where media are looking. From press releases that will get you interviewed on the local news to applying for industry awards to working with charities to increase your company’s visibility in the community, knowing how to work with media to make yourself heard is an essential skill for premium publicity and exposure, which is the lifeblood of all businesses.

Set Your Legal Up Right The First Time Or You’ll Regret It

So many entrepreneurs fail because they failed to plan the legal part of their business ahead of time.

Granted, it can be completely intimidating to anyone who hasn’t done it before, but absolutely essential to the survival of any startup business. Unfortunately for us, it is one of the places where entrepreneurs are least likely to know what they are doing, and one of the places where they are most likely to make a critical, perhaps fatal mistake.

When it comes to the legalities of your business, everything is for keeps. If you failed to secure the intellectual property of your startup and someone else registered your trademark, you can’t simply say “sorry I didn’t know!” The consequences and penalties are real, the costs and headaches are real and the chance that your single mistake made in any area of your business resulted in its bankruptcy is definitely real. So the question is, where do you start?

From decisions such as the type of entity you wish to launch, the trade secrets, products, services and brands you wish to protect and/or reserve as intellectual property and the manner in which it is done, your lawyer can become your business’ best friend very quickly.

Metaphorically speaking, they are the guards at the gate who make sure that no undesirables come in. However, it is essential to leave the guards with orders, otherwise you might encounter an intruder coming in with the power and ability to destroy your business, yet by the time you realize it, it’s already too late.

What Happens When You Make The Right Legal Choices?

It becomes easier to get financing, bring on partners, create shares for your employees, set your prices and margins….the list is almost endless of the upside for having the vision of your company in line with the legal realities of the world.

You might be in serious trouble right now, but believe that you are in control. Remember that most businesses don’t fail in one area, they fail in many areas that slowly pile up until the full weight of the problems brings the business crashing down.

It All Matters, Every Last Little Bit.

From taxes to lead generation, from launch to legal, if you aren’t doing your absolute best in every area, it is essential that you structure and execute your plans properly the first time. The are rarely second chances to things right the first time in an unforgiving business world.

It All Matters, Every Last Little Bit.

We offer a full suite of services aside from startup consultation, coaching and education. Here are some of our big ones!


    We offer a full suite of services aside from startup consultation, coaching and education. Here are some of our big ones!

    Learn More »


    We offer a full suite of services aside from startup consultation, coaching and education. Here are some of our big ones!

    Learn More »


    A modern, up-to-date website is one of the most important steps in starting a business. Without a website, potential patients can’t find your location or interpret that the lack of information as reason to go somewhere else. Every marketing plan needs to start with establishing an online presence.

    Learn More »


    Social media plays a vital part in creating, maintaining, and advertising your business. Without outlets like Facebook, Twitter, or Yelp!, a quality dental office can lack the reputation that it really deserves.

    At The Startup Expert ®, we can help you set up your social media pages – and maintain them through the life of your business.

    Learn More »


    The Startup Expert provides Lead Generation for new and existing business owners. Whether you know exactly who you are planning to target or you need some guidance in defining what an amazing lead looks like, our experts can help you get the leads that you need to get your business roaring.

    Our team has deep knowledge, our experts use proven formulas and we can hand you the leads in any format you like. We can even inject them directly into your CRM so your sales people can get to the job of selling and making your company money!

    Learn More »


    The Startup Expert ® can generate the right PR to get your startup off on the right foot. We start with helping you create the right Grand Opening Announcements and continue with ongoing media and news coverage that is applicable to your unique business.

    Whether it is printed or video media, we can assist you in growing your startup through services such as:

    • Grand Opening Announcements
    • Television Coverage
    • Printed Media (Newspaper, Mailers, etc.)
    • Patient Emails
    • Web and Social Media Content

    Plus we offer guaranteed news coverage! Wouldn’t you like to see your startup in the news?

    Learn More »


    From the seed of an idea all the way to final production and marketing, The Startup Expert ® has a full team of dedicated professionals who know webinars and make them shine! We can write your evergreen content, we can even perform it for you, animate it, create voiceovers, host it, track your results and much much more. If you have ever thought that webinars would be great for your business but have been too scared to dive in and do them yourself, The Startup Expert ® is here to help.

    Learn More »

So Much More…

Whether you need a logo designed, an email campaign written, your CRM set up, a cold calling manual, new fliers or website hosting, The Startup Expert ® is here to help. Startup Launchpad is just the beginning because at the The Startup Expert ®, our goal is to make successfully launching and growing your business easy!


When you start your first business, it’s easy to get sidetracked, lost, or stuck in the mud. If you’ve tried other programs with no results, this is for you. Education comes before action, and action gets results. We’ll teach you everything we know, and show you how to turn theory into action. After that, the results fly in.

When you work with The Startup Expert ®, you get tried-and-tested guidance from a coach with experience helping over 12,000 small businesses.

By going through our 8 week program you will be free to choose who provides all of your services for you and if happens to be us, that’s great! If you have your own masters to help you accelerate you will know how to work with them better, get better deals, automate more and outsource more effectively.

Remember that Inertia-defeating plane of ours? It still needs all of its power, all of its thrust and a lot of jet fuel to reach escape velocity. So do you. But we have to get there first, and the fuel we need to get there is made by building a strong launch and following it up with actionable steps. You’ll learn all about those step and more in Startup Launchpad!

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Before he dedicated himself to making you a startup expert, Bert Seither was the original Startup Expert. He is the founder, visionary, and driving force behind The Startup Expert and the man who makes it his personal responsibility to make sure you get your startup off the ground right.

Educated at the University of Florida, Bert earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Communications, with an emphasis on psychology. Since that time, he’s gained a knowledge and experience in a wide array of fields, equipping him specifically for the purpose of showing you how to get your startup off to a stellar start. His expertise has been featured in expert interviews on major television networks such as ABC, NBC, and Fox.

Bert believes that to teach, one must remain active in what one teaches. An owner of multiple profitable businesses over the past two decades, his first profitable venture happened at age the tender age of 14. Since then, he has launched, grown and successfully exited from multiple businesses ranging from eCommerce to drone photography, all while helping thousands of entrepreneurs reach their goals. Today, Bert buys, fixes and sells businesses and actively acts as an angel investor in personally selected startup opportunities as well.

As a man who believes that it is important to give back to the community in both business and family matters, Bert is a Certified Business Coach and a Certified S.C.O.R.E. Mentor who, for a number of years and to this day, counsels and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams. He’s a certified Business Coach who’s consulted with more than 12,000 startups in the past decade and is versed in numerous startup topics.

Bert’s The Man!

Start Your Action Plan With Startup Launchpad TODAY!

Why this course again?

Because you’re going to get lucky. Remember luck? It is when preparation meets opportunity. Your opportunity to get prepared is here. Startup Launchpad.

Launch Right With Startup Launchpad TODAY!


Learn how to build your brand your business, get leads with a low budget, marketing, automate, operations and MORE with just 8 weeks with Startup Launchpad!


Accelerate Your Launch With Startup Launchpad TODAY!


Stretch a small budget across your startup costs. Establish your business online, and make sure your marketing matches your image. Plan and set up efficient, effective business processes and operations. Find, attract and convert leads into happy customers.

Get More From Your Marketing With Startup Launchpad TODAY!


By attending the webinar, you’ve already started on the road toward a successful startup. Now comes the real meat and potatoes of our program.

With the ‘Startup Launchpad’ Program, we guide you through starting up your own successful business in two months, via 8 easy-to-follow video modules. All we need from you is a little effort and a can-do attitude.

Stop Dreaming And Start Acting With Startup Launchpad TODAY!


We also offer a no hassle, 15 day, 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t think that startup launchpad is for you once you start, don’t worry! We will refund every last penny to you! There is no risk, but every possible reward.

Take the time, invest in yourself and reap the rewards of having a business that has launched into the stratosphere!

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