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Social Media Management

Social media plays a vital part in creating, maintaining, and advertising your business. Without outlets like Facebook, Twitter, or Yelp!, a startup can lack the reputation that it really deserves.

At The Startup Expert ®, we can help you set up your social media pages – and maintain them through the life of your business.


Social Media for Startups

Keeping an active social medial profile can:

  • Improve client retention
  • Recruit new clients through virtual “referrals”
  • Engage local audiences
  • Redirect clients to your website
  • Introduce new clients to your business

Many business owners set up their initial social media pages on their own – only to find themselves too bogged down with running a business to maintain their marketing pages daily. This can cause your new business to appear stale or out-of-date.


How The Startup Expert ® Can Help

The Startup Expert ® can maintain, monitor, and update relevant information through media outlets such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube. Our experienced team keeps things relevant to your audience, triggering a connection with potential clients.

Understanding how to target your local audience is key – otherwise your energy spent on social media will simply go to waste. Ask The Startup Expert ® how we can help!