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Six Basic Tips to Improve Decision Making and Execution

Good decision making is the core of every business and management activity. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that excellent problem solving and management decision making can greatly improve a company’s goals and profits.

With the advent of technology and today’s complicated business scenario, the decision making process has evolved to become one of the greatest challenges in leadership. It goes without saying that the ability to make decisions sets apart a good leader from a poor one. A lot of bad decisions have been made simple due to the fact that managers go through the whole process hastily, basing their conclusions on impulse, bad information, and emotions.

Not surprisingly, we, at The Startup Expert, have found that people struggle when it comes to their decision making skills and this can be attributed to lack of clarity, procrastinating, fear of failure and lack of a structured and standard approach.

Whatever may be the barriers, we have come up with six easy and basic steps that you can follow whenever you are on the crossroads of making a decision:

Problem Definition

First up in the decision making process is the need to be clear on what the real problem is and the decision that you need to come up with. A simple technique to informative decision making would be to write down everything that you know about the situation at hand.

Assess the Implications

All types of decision making have specific implications. Whether the problem has anything to do with work, your team, superiors, or yourself, these factors have their own ramifications and you should be wary of that.

Looking at Different Perspectives

Think of perspectives as different lenses in which you could look through whenever a problem arises. If you explore various points of views, you begin to get a good feel of the things that you are working towards.

Getting Clear on the Outcome

If ever you are faced with one big decision to make, it is easy to be lost in the circumstances and details. Decision making in management entails getting an unhindered view on what your ideal outcome should be. This, in turn, will help you make informative choices. Think of it this way: if you want to become the CEO of a Top 100 company, you know exactly what you are working towards.

Pros and Cons

In considering decision making tools, one salient point to remember is the importance of listing down all the advantages and disadvantages certain options can give you. Albeit a simple act, this is a powerful way to help you move forward.

Decide and Act

If you have completed the five aforementioned tips, commit to a course of action and begin to make everything happen. At the end of the day, we, at The Startup Expert ®, believe that there is no magic formula when it comes to decision making.

Adhering to a plan and acting on it can get you into the realm f becoming an effective and good decision maker.

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