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Mark is a Canadian Entrepreneur, english success coach, teacher, academic director and motivational speaker. His commitment as Content Director at The Startup Expert is to help you to get clarity on the best path forward for content in your growing business.

He is amply qualified. Mark has taught every possible level of English from elementary school children to his speciality which lies in high level executive classes. He has handled content for over 30 companies in both Spanish and English in his career. To further round out his vast experience, he spent eight years working throughout Mexico in the English as a Second Language (ESL) industry.

Aside from teaching high-level English in companies such as Pfizer, Jose Cuervo, Chrysler, Colgate, and Dannon (Danone), Mark has also designed and implemented English academic study plans for corporate training centers, language learning institutes and corporate headquarters. He has designed and given countless workshops and courses based on English, sales, motivation and customer service.

A lifetime student of human nature, Mark has spent decades studying the concepts of perception, the law of attraction, psychology, linguistics and achievement. He developed his own language consulting firm, Intentional English, because he believes that the way the mind works is the key to truly mastering a language. He is a renaissance man with an eye for what works for your business. His success is proof.

Mark’s personal startup Canada Burger, which was founded less than two years ago, is now operating multiple locations, and is preparing to make franchises available to those seeking that opportunity. Mark has raised capital from angel investors to get Canada Burger going. To date Canada Burger boasts to over 10,000 people following his burger chain on social media. Mark isn’t just a “theory” guy. He gets it done in the real world, so he has much to offer you to help you get your business started.

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