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Knowing the Difference Between a True Leader and a Boss

Do you know what makes a business successful? It is the hardworking team that spends their time planning and doing things that will make the business move forward. Do you know what makes a team motivated and hardworking? It is the good management. Now, as a business owner, you should have great leadership qualities that will help you in leading your team the right way.

Do not confuse being a leader to being a boss. While both holds the power get things done, both have different qualities especially when it comes to handling the team. If you want to be a great business owner who encourage their team, you should know what a boss is and what a true leader is.

Leader or Boss: Which One Are You?

Evaluate yourself as a business owner who guides your employees. Are you a boss or a leader? If you find it difficult to distinguish each other, learn the top 8 differences between leader and boss below:

  • A boss is someone who orders around to accomplish a thing. S/he usually says “Go.” A leader is someone who works with the team to get a task done. S/he usually says “Let’s go.”
  • A boss is someone who always have the spotlight. A leader is someone who does not mind stepping back and let the other people in the team shine.
  • A boss is someone who is usually impersonal. A leader is someone who is compassionate and understanding of the team’s circumstances.
  • A boss usually says “I” and takes the credit while the leader usually says “We” and gives the credit to the team.
  • A boss uses people to achieve a goal. A leader develops and inspires people to work with him/her to reach the goal.
  • A boss is goal-oriented. S/he focuses on process. A leader is people-oriented. S/he focuses on people.
  • A boss is your boss. S/he feels superior than you are. A leader is your colleague. S/he feels and sees you as an equal.
  • A boss makes a decision for everyone. A leader listens to everyone’s concern before making a decision

If you were the employee, who would like to work with? A boss or a leader? While a boss is usually goal-oriented, it is actually difficult to accomplish a goal when the team is not motivated and inspired to work hard. For the team to have the willingness to excel more, they need someone with inspirational leadership to lead them forward.

Importance of Leadership

The importance of leadership in business lies in keeping its team members motivated. When a team member is motivated, he will have the willingness to grow with the company. He will do his best and improve himself to a certain extent in order to contribute to the growth and success of the company he is working for. When there is true leadership, there is true success. When there is lack of leadership, there is also a lack of success.

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