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How You Can Improve Your Communication Skills

We, at The Startup Expert ®, are experienced in communication skills. We know how important it is to have effective communication skills.


What is the definition of communication?


The definition of communication is basically the sharing of ideas, views and information to others.


Types of Communication and Their Means


There are three types of communication. These are verbal, written and non-verbal communication. The means of communication is how you convey the message to others. Technology plays a big part on this, as not only you can communicate face-to-face, you can also email, fax or telephone someone.

Elements of Communication

There are seven elements of communication. The first one is the sender, who expresses what they want to talk about. This would lead to the exchange of ideas, which would be received by the receiver. The sender would choose what method or means to convey their message. It’s up to the receiver to decode, analyze and understand what it means and give feedback.


However, not everyone understands the first time the message the sender is trying to express. The importance of communication is to have a two-way conversation that can be understood by both parties and effective communication skills would help in making them easier to understand.


Ways to Hone Your Communication Skills

Be an engaged listener and a considerate talker. Respect other people’s opinions. Speaking effectively is great, but one must also engaged in what the other is saying. Try not to stutter and organize thoughts before speaking. Be short and concise.


Don’t interrupt or change the topic, especially if it is important. There should have a give and take in the exchange of ideas. Don’t over talk.


Check body language. Be aware of other people’s emotions and actions. Make sure to let them that you are actively listening and pay attention to non-verbal cues. Set the tone appropriately. If the subject is very delicate, don’t be harsh on words or pretend that you don’t care.


Paraphrase and ask questions. Sometimes, you need to paraphrase certain sentences to understand it better. If there are any questions, let them know to clarify any thoughts or ideas that may be wrong. This is to erase any misconceptions. Give feedback about the topic, it can be positive or negative.


Maintain eye contact. This shows respect to the other party and let them know you’re interested in what they have to say.


Other Helpful Tips

Don’t just say the first thing that comes to mind, especially if you are mad or uninterested. Focus on what you want to communicate. Make sure that your body language is coincides with what you’re saying. This would avoid misunderstandings.


Use humor to lighten up the mood and resolve conflict if necessary. Always maintain a positive attitude and smile. There are times that both parties cannot decide on a certain topic, but always respect each other’s decisions and opinions.


Put away distractions. Refrain from using cell phones or laptops while one is talking, as it is a sign of disrespect.


All of these are effective and successful communication skills that can help not just in companies but also in everyday life. Want to know more about communication skills? Contact The Startup Expert ® today!

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