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How to Write an Effective Corporate Communication Strategy

At The Startup Expert® we could help you write an effective corporate communication strategy for your company.

What is a corporate communications strategy?


The definition of a corporate communications strategy is a guideline or an outline of your company’s goal and what you want to achieve.


What’s a corporate communication framework?


A corporate communication framework is a tool that helps in planning communication with everyone in the company, from the employees to customers, suppliers and investors. It gives a better understanding of the company and enhances the reputation with their consumers.


What are corporate communication strategy examples?


The most common examples: corporate strategies, business strategies and functional strategies.


Corporate strategies should include the businesses the company should be in.


Business strategies tackle/focus on tactics on how to be different from your competitors and how to beat them.


Functional strategies, also called Operational strategies show the operational methods on how to implement the tactics of the company.


What is included in it?


The objectives and the standing of the company should be stated. The timeframe and the action plan should be expressed, including what’s involved and what kind of approach would be the best thing to do.


Research should be done, using audit results, surveys and feedback. Make sure that the data is both quantitative and qualitative. It should easily be understood with everyone on the team. Always have a clear goal of your objectives. The corporate communication strategy must be aligned with the overall business strategy and objectives. Be realistic with the figures.


The best part of writing effective corporate communications strategies is that you can create a written document and add presentations or spreadsheets. It should not be lengthy and should be short and concise.


A dedicated person or a team should be able to write this. There are many corporate communication jobs and the corporate communication job descriptions or main responsibilities are monitoring and wording messaging. Basically, it’s being responsible for managing all internal and external communication messaging in the company.


The three most commonly used corporate communications strategies are cost leadership, differentiation and focus. Cost leadership is a way on how to produce and market inexpensive products and services without sacrificing good quality than competitors.


Differentiation is how the company is being unique to its competitors with its products and services.


Focus is zeroing in or paying attention to a particular part of the marketplace, cost management process or product form.


5 Element Strategies

The strategy should have at least 5 elements, including the following:


Title: This is to know what kind of strategy you want to focus on.

Issue or purpose: Lets everyone know the stand of the company and its strategy alignment.

Executive summary: A short but sweet overview of the topic. It should be able to tell the what, where, how and whys of the strategy.

Structure: Describes the standing of the company, predicting what happens next and how to achieve the goals.

Objectives: The main goal of the strategy.

Timeline: A very realistic timeline to know when the strategy would happen. This would also include important dates and events.


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