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How to Effectively Utilize Creativity in the Workplace

With The Startup Expert®, we help companies stand out from their competition by adding creativity and innovation in the workplace. The main importance of creativity is to help in the process of solving problems and increase productivity for the company.


According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of creativity is the ability to think of new ideas or new things.  It can be the use of original ideas or imagination. There are many creativity articles that help boost creativity in the workplace. Below are some tips on how to encourage creativity at work.


Have a positive working environment.

The workplace should not be boring all the time. Letting employees have fun during work once in a while can help get them more inspired and be creative. There should be team bonding activities to stimulate fresh ideas. This helps in honing creativity skills of employees.


Encourage positive interaction and brainstorming sessions.

Not all people realize that they are creative. However, once they express their feelings with a certain subject, especially if they are passionate about it, they can provide creative ideas for the team. This is a good way to find out new creativity ideas.


Some people are shy to share their thoughts. One might also think that their ideas are not important because it seems so insignificant. It’s very important to foster good relations with employees and have an open-door policy. If an employee has a question, they shouldn’t hesitate to ask.


If there is a very complex or a touchy subject, one might want to remain anonymous or confidential. It’s best to place a suggestions box in order for them to voice out their thoughts or concerns.


Have spontaneous brainstorming sessions at work. Just remember that the end result should be a better way of doing things, finding out the best solutions to problems.


Always support creativity.

Don’t be judgmental and always be open-minded to suggestions made by employees. Encourage thinking out of the box and always be receptive to ideas, no matter how strange or unique it may be.


Let them know that it isn’t bad to be a risk taker. Make time for creativity exercises that can help come up solutions for the company.


Have goals and give out rewards.

Since we are supporting creativity, don’t be stingy in giving out rewards for great ideas. It does not have to always be in monetary form. You can give out certificates and forms of recognition to employees that have done great work with their creativity techniques and ideas.


Share ideas among employees.

One of the great creativity techniques a company can have is to share ideas. Everyone has their own background and specific knowledge that they can share with each other. There are also creativity tests that help bring out the best ideas.


Creativity is very important in the workplace. This also goes hand in hand with innovation. Add inspiration and commitment, once your company applies this, it would be beneficial in the long run. No matter how creative an idea is, it would not work until it is implemented to the team. You may contact The Startup Expert ® for more information on how to effectively utilize creativity in the workplace.

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