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Great and Helpful Collaboration Tools You Can Use for Your Team

As Charles Darwin said in one of his collaboration quotes, “It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” Collaboration in the workplace is a process of two or more people working together to share the same goals. At The Startup Expert®, we provide great and helpful collaboration tools you can use for your team.


Some collaboration examples in the workplace include trade, project management and community organizations.


Since technology is a big part of companies nowadays, it is not surprising that there are a lot of online collaboration tools that one can choose/use. Some doesn’t cost money while others have monthly fees.


Collaboration is very important in today’s working environment. Having collaboration skills helps you gain cooperation, encourage teamwork and is beneficial for solutions to your team.  It is a very important activity that helps promote shared responsibility and success. Having a collaboration diagram helps define the roles, function and behavior of each member of the team.


There are many types of collaboration tools available at your disposal. It is possible that you may not pick just one, but multiple team collaboration tools. In this article, I’m going to talk about the four most commonly used online collaboration tools that can be downloaded and used for free.



Dropbox is an effective tool that you can use to access all files that you can share with other members.


Google Docs

Google has been so famous that it now has its own collaboration tool called Google Docs or GDocs for short.



Skype is normally used for conferences or a face-to-face video conversation that has one of the best qualities among its competitors.



Trello is for companies that are always on the go and has a lot of projects that needs to be filed to help you sort them out. Trello has a card-based system for keeping track of projects and tasks.


In choosing the right tool for you, you need to understand your company’s needs. Online collaboration tools can be a valuable tool for any company because it does not only make them efficient but effective as well.


Pick the best tool for your communication needs. It’s best if you find collaboration tools that have integrated messaging features with the option to create groups or make the conversations private. Try to see if you can add a conference feature and if it works with the locations where your company is.


Employ easy-to-use tools for easier productivity and check if it works on multiple platforms like smart phones and laptops. Also look for tools that have a scheduling feature to remind you if a task is near its deadline and/ or if you are available at that time.


File-sharing is also important, especially with employees that are not in the same building. This will help promote camaraderie with others and helps keep track of your documents and other files. Make sure that it is can be utilized in real-time.


To keep your company organized, use collaboration tools to keep your team and projects on track. If possible, just limit your tools to a minimum. For further information about collaboration tools, please contact The Startup Expert®.

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