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EXELA is the leading Infusionsoft consulting and training organization in the world, working around the clock to help you utilize Infusionsoft to its fullest potential. Whether you need training, support, done-for-you services or something a little more customized for you, EXELA has you covered. Together, we help you break through boundaries to create success, save time and grow sales using marketing automation and customer relationship management solutions.

Our approach to your success is supportive from day one. From the moment you start speaking with our team, you have a Client Manager on your side, working with and guiding you through the technical aspects of your project. You will work with your manager to set up your application to achieve your highest-priority business objectives, AND you will learn how to use Infusionsoft simultaneously. This twin-pronged approach has proven to be the most effective way to get you started … fast.

You and your Client Manager will work together to identify high priority/low difficulty results that can be obtained within the first few weeks, and we’ll focus on driving those sub-projects to conclusion. At the same time, we will train you and your team to use the technology in the real-life scenario of your business. You choose how much of the implementation you wish to be involved in (and thereby learn from) and how much you simply want done quickly and expertly by us.

We want you to be able to say “I have a working system connected to my business, delivering measurable results aligned with my goals” within 60 days.

Build a relationship that lasts a lifetime and make sure you have the best Infusionsoft consultants and experts on hand!

What you get:

A dedicated Client Manager who will provide additional campaign ideas, tips and tricks for more conversions, assistance with shopping carts, order forms and the creation of opportunities/sales pipelines.

Email responses within a timely manner

“Work With You” optionssuch as conference calls that allow you and your Client Manager to work togetheron a campaign build or new process within Infusionsoft.

“Done For You” options such as, after discussing a new campaign or specific goal you wish accomplish, your manager takes this direction and executes the work for you.

Mix it up and combine “Work With You” & “Done For You” options. For example, we can think through your campaign together. Then, your manager completes the campaign build alone [or helps your team with the build]. Lastly, we schedule a call with other members of your team to teach your staff how to use the new campaign!

Why purchase Infusionsoft through EXELA?

We offer a reduction in monthly subscription cost for all packages except Essentials.

We will double the number of contacts in your application.

We will double the number of emails per month your application is limited to.

We will addone additional user license.

We waiveInfusionsoft’s annual contract 100%, allowing you to proceed on a month-to-month basis.

We waive 100% of all kickstart fees normally associated with an Infusionsoft purchase.

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