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Essential Skills You Need to Know for Successful Coaching

Coaching is an essential component as a leader. The main coaching definition is that it is a process that aims to improve the performance of employees by letting them know their strengths and weaknesses. As John Whitmore said, “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. “At The Startup Expert®, we have effective coaching techniques that would definitely help in making successful leaders.


There are many coaching models and coaching techniques that can help in business coaching for your employees. Below are five essential skills you need to know for successful coaching.


Active Listening

Coaching should always show a genuine interest in what others have to say. Always be curious to what they say and check their body language. The conversation should be two-sided and avoid interruptions. One of the most effective coaching skills is active listening.


Absorb information.

When coaching and mentoring, you might feel that the other party may not be interested in the topic. Sometimes you need to catch the key words, read body gestures and also place yourself in the person’s shoes. Always pace the conversation but do not make it all about you.


Be proactive.

Let the other party know that you have fully understood the information. Coaching employees require patience and a lot of follow up questions or comments to make sure that both of you are on the same level. Ask open ended questions to allow for a proactive conversation. This would also help build confidence.


You can paraphrase and summarize the information that has been talked about. Repeat and remember key words to let them know that it’s important and to show that you have been listening and understand them.


Provide feedback.

Letting the other party know that you understand and listened to what they say is a sign of respect. Feedback should always be clear and direct to the point that helps in improving one’s weaknesses. As much as possible, do not give poor or incomplete feedback as it may hinder the improvement of the employee. Always try to say it in an objective and impartial manner and make it as positive as it can be. You can build trust without any difficulty once you listen, reflect, ask and provide the correct feedback. Please take note that there are many coaching techniques for employees, as not all employees provide the same feedback with just one technique.


Other Effective Coaching Techniques

Show empathy, build character and relations and also build rapport with the person you are talking to.


Gather all the information needed in the conversation. Enhance strong communication skills, including listening skills.


Don’t jump to conclusions. Make sure you have the whole story first before you provide feedback. Clarify and understand everything that is being discussed.


The main attributes of being a great coach is that they want to genuinely help the person they are coaching to learn.  They want them to change for the better by pointing out their mistakes in a nice way and offer ideas and solutions on how to improve on them. They give a realistic time frame for positive feedback and encouragement. They don’t have all the answers, but help in the process of learning. Contact The Startup Expert® for more information about coaching techniques.