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Small Business, Entrepreneur, Career, Transition Coach

I love the transformation. I love the moment when I’m successful in leading my client to a personal breakthrough.



Dyana professional career began in 1989 as a technical recruiter. The early nineties was an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in the technology space. In 1997, Dyana co-founded a technical recruitment agency called Thinknicity. Her focus included employment branding and helping her clients achieve effective practices around hiring top talent. Dyana assisted countless technology professionals in advancing their careers. Living through the dot-com boom and bust cycle opened her eyes to many of the systemic dysfunctions of corporate culture and practices.

By 2011, Dyana was exhausted by trying to get better at a game that was already broken and realized her true calling involved helping people in a different way. In 2012, she became a certified professional coach (CPC) and began serving her candidates and other entrepreneurs with career transition coaching. Today, her practice also includes small business and entrepreneurial clients and facilitating mastermind roundtable groups for recruiters and small business owners.

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