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When it comes to your business and the image you intend to put forth, there is no one better to coach you or to do work on your images library, which includes your logos and promotional graphics, than Duncan Harris.

Duncan’s Liberal Arts Degree from the University of Southern New Hampshire, coupled with his fervor for all things visually creative, makes him uniquely qualified to assist you with all your graphics.

From early childhood, he has always has had active imagination. Whether it manifested by creating giant structures with Legos or by designing logos for his neighborhood baseball team, Duncan’s early passion for art led him to pursue his degree.

Since that time, Duncan has earned several certifications in website development and has had the opportunity to work on some high-end projects, such as graphics for museum exhibits and logos for heavy metal bands.

Duncan’s well-rounded experience and education, coupled with his intense passion, make him an indispensable part of the Startup Expert team.

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