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Complete Startup Coaching Package

Have you ever thought to yourself,
“I brought my business up from a crawl to a run, now I want it to FLY!”?
Then, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the world of Startups!

If you’ve found this page, it’s not by accident. You’re serious about your business and willing to do whatever it takes to make it successful. Simply put, once a small amount of momentum is achieved, it is imperative to take steps to maintain and increase it. The magic of momentum is that once acquired, it is tough to stop. In business, momentum drives everything. Especially Startups.

Living in the world of startups can lead you to incredible riches, but not without work. You’ll be entering into a world of branding, marketing, getting capital and so much more. It’s exciting, but it’s not easy.

To help move you along and keep your momentum going, we provide startups like you with the Complete Startup Coaching Package. It includes:

8 weeks of bi-weekly coaching sessions
(4 sessions total)

We’ve brought the industry’s best coaches together under a single roof to help your business perform, grow, and get results. Meet with your coach an hour every other week as well as have access to them through email when you get stuck!

Membership in the Startup Village

Join other entrepreneurs in a private, members-only social media site and get unlimited access to our coaching team. Learn more here →

Accessibility to Startup Launchpad

It’s everything about launching a business you wish you had been taught in school, but never were. Get 8 weeks of training from our CEO through our video training ! Topics include, the Launch Plan, Brand Builder, Low Cost Lead Generation, Legal, PR Power, Operations and Automation, Tame Your Taxes and The Marketing Mix. Learn more here →.

2 group session calls each month

Participate in group discussions, led by our coaches, CEO, and outside experts. You’ll also learn from fellow-entrepreneurs.

With the Complete Startup Coaching Package, you’ll build your business for the long term using proven strategies, systems, and secrets.

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