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Why rely on just one set of eyes to make your business plan amazing?

Use our eyes so you can make sure that your business plan is expert level!

If you have already written your LivePlan business plan and you want to make sure that investors, banks or anyone else looking at your plan will be excited to fund it, then you need to know one thing with as much certainty as possible:

Will it get funded?

The Startup Expert ® offers you an opportunity to become a business plan expert by lending you a helpful eye and providing full analysis and polish of your LivePlan business plan.  We take into account who you will be talking to, the competitive landscape, your past and of course the quality of your business plan in both written and financial aspects.

After our initial analysis, we polish everything that you’ve already done to ensure that it is well written.  If we see that you haven’t written your plan in a way that will get the funders excited, we will provide you a set of recommendations, tips and the opportunity to have us improve every aspect of your business plan for a price that you can’t afford to miss.

Whose eyes will make me an expert?

  • A financial MBA does your financial analysis
  • A seasoned content director analyzes your writing
  • An experienced business coach assesses your business’s fundamentals
  • And finally, a funding professional analyzes your repayment plan.

With decades of combined experience and thousands of business plans either written or analyzed, we are the best final stop you can make with your LivePlan business plan before taking it to your ideal funders.  

Talk to your Startup Expert ® representative today to learn more about making your LivePlan business plan shine!

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