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Before Bert dedicated himself to making you a Startup expert, Bert Seither was the original Startup Expert. He is the founder, visionary, and driving force behind The Startup Expert and the man who makes it his personal responsibility to make sure you get your startup off the ground right.

Educated at the University of Florida, Bert earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Communications, with an emphasis on psychology. Since that time, he’s gained a knowledge and experience in a wide array of fields, equipping him specifically for the purpose of showing you how to get your startup off to a stellar start. His expertise has been featured in expert interviews on major television networks such as ABC, NBC, and Fox.

Bert believes that to teach, one must remain active in what one teaches. An owner of multiple profitable businesses over the past two decades, Bert’s first profitable venture happened at age 14 and he hasn’t slowed down since. He has launched, grown and successfully exited from multiple businesses ranging from ecommerce to drone photography, all while helping thousands of entrepreneurs reach their goals. Today, Bert buys, fixes and sells businesses and actively acts as an angel investor in the startup opportunities he feels he can most contribute to.

As a man who believes that it is important to give back to the community in both business and family matters, Bert is a Certified Business Coach and a Certified S.C.O.R.E. Mentor who, for a number of years and to this day, counsels and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams. A family man through and through, Bert is also a proud husband and father who finds the time to coach youth soccer and baseball in the time he always finds to dedicate to his family.