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Why small business owners should use LinkedIn

With so many social media outlets out there, it’s often a major challenge to cut through the clutter and get your pages on the screens of potential customers, partners, or even investors. It’s also tricky choosing which sites to use and how much time you should dedicate to each one you maintain. However, I believe that LinkedIn is one of the top social media sites that can greatly benefit small business owners.

First and foremost, LinkedIn has become one of the top online social networking websites for business professionals in all industries – and in all areas around the globe. The site is a fantastic resource for small business owners, CEOs, executives, and all professionals to make connections with others. Its main focus is on the work status of an individual and his or her prior experience. If you are looking to increase your network with other like-minded professionals, LinkedIn is the perfect solution for you. Whether you’re in search of potential customers, investors, business partners, or anyone who could benefit your company, I highly recommend LinkedIn for all of these purposes.

LinkedIn business pages are also a terrific marketing tool for small businesses. Like other social networking sites, you can post status updates, links, and other information that potential customers would find useful about your company or industry. You can also link to your website or specific product/service pages where those interested in what you offer can be directly connected to them.

One of the more unique aspects about LinkedIn is the “endorsements” feature. On the site, other users are able to endorse/recommend you for certain professional skills and abilities. When others check out your profile and see these endorsements from those in your network, it will give you a good amount of credibility. This is because you aren’t simply the one saying things about what you can do. Instead, other credible individuals are doing so. This makes a big difference in the eyes of online users who are interested in your work.

LinkedIn groups are another resource for making connections to build your network on the site. There are groups specific to every industry, allowing all small business owners the opportunity to engage in valuable discussions among each other. When you join a LinkedIn group, others can see what your affiliations are as well. This can improve your credibility by getting your name out there in the mix of the top leaders of your industry. Plus, these groups give business owners an additional resource to find potential hires for their companies when they are ready to grow.

I recently surpassed 1,000 followers on my LinkedIn page. Considering that the top connectors on the site have upwards of just 50,000 connections (compared to the millions on other sites), I am fortunate to have some of the brightest movers and shakers in the small business landscape in my network, in addition to a significant number of top leaders in various professional industries. If you’d like to connect with me on LinkedIn, click here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bertseither

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