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Why small business owners should “Tweet”

“Tweeting” has become a big word in our vocabulary in the past few years. If you’re working on a formal entrepreneurial endeavor and you don’t have a Twitter account for your small business, here are some reasons why you should sign up for one now based on the personal experience of Bert Seither, The Startup Expert™:

— It offers a quick form of communication.
Unlike crafting long e-mails for marketing campaigns, Twitter offers small business owners the ability to communicate with others quickly. The well-known 140-character limit on Tweets means you have to think with brevity in mind. All it takes is to enter this short message and hit “Tweet,” whether you do so from a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. If customers follow your Twitter account, they’ll be able to receive these messages from any of these devices as well.

— Hashtags can help spread your Tweets to others.
A cornerstone to Twitter that has already spread to other social networking sites is the hashtag, or # sign. This symbol is used as a way for users to “tag” their Tweets with certain keywords. For example, if you type #GoGators, you could express your fandom for the University of Florida’s athletic teams to other Gator fans. In the small business world, you may want to use #smallbusiness or #tech if you operate your own computer repair company. When users search for these hashtags on the site, they’ll see these Tweets right in front of them. When a hashtag gets used by thousands or millions of users, it may become a “trending” hashtag, and it will rank high on the site. When used appropriately and at the right time, hashtags can be a fantastic marketing tool.

— Linking to your products/services is easy and beneficial.
Bert Seither, The Startup Expert™, points out how Twitter is a great resource for promoting links, especially since the site can automatically shorten a lengthy URL. You can include links to your website, product pages, or service pages in your Tweets. This is a handy way of updating potential customers on any changes to your products or services. If you are looking for ways to drive traffic to certain websites, linking is a very effective way of getting these pages on the screens of your followers.

— Live Tweeting is great for events/updates.
If you attend a trade show for small businesses, consider live Tweeting at the event. If you have a grand opening of a retail store, you could also take advantage of this online promotional opportunity. Live Tweeting has become a popular way of keeping followers updated about something that is currently taking place. You could post simple messages, photos, or even videos of an event. It’s almost like a mini web broadcast for your small business. When your followers see you live Tweeting, they may be more inclined to keep following these updates to see what you’ll tell them next. Even if people don’t follow these Tweets live, they can still look back at your Twitter feed to see what your company has been up to.

— It works well for mobile access.
Because Twitter has a reputation for its short and sweet communication, using it translates well to mobile devices. Whether you have the latest iPad or a cool new Android phone, it’s so simple to maintain a Twitter account on these devices and browse the pages of other users. Having this access on the go is particularly beneficial to small business owners who are often outside the office. Plus, it’s a good way to keep your busy customers in the loop.

Check out the Twitter feed of Bert Seither, The Startup Expert™, at http://twitter.com/bert_seither.

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