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Why small business owners should use Facebook

Facebook, the social media giant originated by a group of students at Harvard over 10 years ago, is now one of the biggest brands in the world. Today, it is even publicly traded on the stock market. Because of its huge online footprint, I believe small business owners should be jumping all over Facebook to help spread the word about their companies to a broad audience of potential customers.

— Pages designed specifically for small businesses
While Facebook is known more for its personal profile pages that individual users use to be “social” with friends and family, the site has specific pages for small businesses. These pages allow small business owners to post contact information about them, links to their actual websites, photos of products/services, offers for customers to buy, and lots of other business-centric features. Facebook users can “like” a business page and post on its timeline or send a direct message to the page’s owner. Because millions of people log on to their Facebook pages each day from various devices, it’s a no-brainer to have a Facebook page for your small business.

— Connecting with your friends list
When you maintain a business page, you can share this page with everyone on your friends list. You can encourage all of your friends and family to “like” the page when getting it off the ground. Plus, when a friend “likes” your page, others in his or her network will see it, meaning there can be a ripple-down effect with this process. Having a good amount of “likes” can give you the credibility you need to gain the trust of customers.

— Reasonably priced Facebook ads
Although Facebook has many free features for small business owners, the social media giant also offers reasonably priced ads. You can target exactly who will see these ads, such as women of a certain age if you operate a hair salon or teenagers and 20-somethings if you’ve concocted a new energy drink. Traditional advertising on TV, radio, or in newspapers can take a big bite out of your budget. However, online advertising through sites like Facebook is typically cheaper – and can often connect your company to a larger audience of potential customers.

— Free in many cases
As mentioned earlier, many of Facebook’s features (and those on other social media sites) are completely free to use. Small business owners should always be on the lookout for free resources, especially those that can help them spread the word about their organizations. Create a Facebook business page and enjoy the valuable features it offers.

— Most popular social media site
Facebook is considered the most popular social media website on the Internet. Estimates have shown that it has over a billion active monthly users worldwide. I believe that nothing is better than getting in on the action at the most popular resource in any venue. While it’s a must to be a member of multiple social networking sites, make Facebook your top priority on this list. You’ll be glad you did when the “likes” start rolling in and you see an increase in your bottom line because of it.

Check out my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bertseither1.

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