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Tips and Tricks for Effective Hiring for the Start-up Stage

Hiring the best employee for your new business will be the best investment any start-up will make.  Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of assuming they can do it all.  At The Startup Expert ®, we always recommend to invest in the best talent. This will give your company a lot of savings in the form […]

Growth Strategies You Must Always Keep in Mind

If you’re launching your new business, think about this: 50% of start-ups fail within the first 5 years. How do you make sure that your new venture makes it to the winning half? The answer is simple. Have a growth strategy in place, even before you start the business. At The Startup Expert ®, we […]

Getting to Know the Significance of Business Forecasting

In weather forecasting, you need a specific skill set to effectively give people ample warning about the latest weather forecast so they can change their plans for the day or even come up with certain measures to avoid the dangers caused by the expected weather. The same is through in business forecasts. Significance of a […]

Beginner’s Financial Analysis: Things You Need To Know

More than formulating an effective marketing technique and sales strategy, a business owner should be competent when it comes to understanding the significance of the financial statement analysis. Although this might sound a bit advance for new business owners, this is truly an essential skill that you will need to learn. Business analysis for beginners […]

Important Points to Remember About Joint Ventures

A joint venture is a business agreement in which parties share and contribute assets in order for a business to develop and they are in control over the enterprise by sharing the revenues, expenses and assets. There are many reasons why many companies prefer joint ventures and these are because of joint venture advantages. When […]