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A Guide on How to Make an Effective Crisis Management Plan

I firmly believe that companies should have a crisis management plan. It’s a vital part of an overall safety and emergency preparedness plan and your overall strategic planning process. A crisis management definition is how an organization deals with any situation that could threaten or harm its employees and properties, injure your company’s reputation and interrupt your business. When dealing with this, I make sure that my company would be able to act appropriately and quickly.


I personally would recommend The Startup Expert ® to help companies survive any crisis. Here are some crisis management steps that I believe would be important in making an effective crisis management plan.


Predict and Prevent

The first thing that I do is to form a crisis management case study. Based on my companies needs, I have to anticipate and predict anything that might go wrong with my company. Preventive measures should always be in place. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. To do this, I should be able to identify the negative key issues that may arise in the company. It could be a minor or major thing for the company.


Plan and Position

Planning is a great way to let everyone in the company know what to do. Create a crisis management team to help out, and they could facilitate crisis management training for all employees.


Being proactive is a good thing to do to make sure everybody in the company knows what to do. Let everyone know what the company stand and plan of action to decrease the possibility of inaccurate reporting. Send out a periodic crisis management template to everyone on the team. Always have an effective internal communications to ensure all staff are coordinated with the plans and protocols once a crisis arise.


There are two main crisis management examples and these are natural and man-made. Natural examples are natural disasters like storms and floods while man-made examples could be in the form of a robbery or sudden equipment failure or breakdown.


Persevere and Evaluate

The best plans are ineffective if one does not apply it. There should be a stimulation exercise every once in a while to assess if the plan is effective. Try to follow the plan as smoothly as possible and make sure it is done in a professional and thorough manner. Fire drills are a great example of this.


I always evaluate the plans I have made after the stimulation exercises and change it to be more effective. The plan should be flexible in case some elements have changed.


Some Final Words on Crisis Management

By following these steps, it would give my company chances to survive any kind of crisis that would have a minimal negative outcome to the company. This will help keep my company updated with the changes that may occur. Always remember that the outcome should always be what you anticipated and always act fast in terms of a crisis.


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