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8 Ways to Enhance Your Knowledge of Business History

Knowledge about business history is crucial to understanding your own business. The failures and successes of the past can always teach you something useful. We at The Startup Expert ® recommend the following ways to educate yourself in business history.

Search for Business History in Business Books

Economic history is found in the beginning part of many business books, particularly the development of the Industrial Age or even how business was conducted in the Greek and Roman times. Insights into these should be found easily in many textbooks as well as contemporary business books both online and offline.

Read a Lot of Books in Politics and History

The history of business may even be told against a social, political or cultural backdrop and may remain unnoticeable to many people. That is why we at The Startup Expert ® recommend that you read even political books for within their pages you can see business history unnoticeably embedded. Reading American History especially about Theodore Roosevelt will give you an idea about business in America during the Industrial Age.

Use the Internet

If you want to study business history, then there is a whole lot of information online. There are plenty of free downloadable e-books and PDF files. These free materials all have adequate information regarding the history of economics from the ancient to the modern times.

Ask Your History Teacher or Anyone Who Knows Business History

We at The Startup Expert ® believe that history teachers and enthusiasts often have all the information you need about business history. They probably can tell you everything about business a long time ago. As long as you ask the right questions, you will always get correct answers from experts like them.

Use the Encyclopedia

If you want to know how business started in this world, then probably the best thing to do is to consult the encyclopedia as it contains general information regarding the topic.

Browse Your History Notes

Both the history of selling and the history of marketing can be found in your history notes in college. The way people dealt with the Industrial Age and the Commercial Revolution must have been in your notes. Moreover, the way businesses operated during the Roman times from the selling of the slaves to the auctions done in public must be in there too.

Read About the History of Individual Businesses

The history of great companies like Samsung or Berkshire Hathaway may actually point out various challenges that the company have had in the past. However, the history of these large corporations also define what business history is.

Read About the Lives of Famous People in Business

If you read about the life of Henry Ford or Bill Gates, you will be exposed not only to their own personal struggles but also to the political and social backdrop of their times. Thus, you’re learning business history at the same time.

Business history is essential as it is interesting. You can gain it mostly through reading and research, but most of all you can gain it if you are enthusiastic enough. Do contact us if you need more information about business history.