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5 Ways to Assess Employee Performance in the Workplace

Workplace assessment mainly depends on employee assessment. A good and efficient workforce will always define a good company or a good business. If you want to assess performance of employees in a workplace, you have to consider all the basic aspects of being a good employee. We at The Startup Expert ® recommend asking the following questions:

Is he punctual?

Performance assessment of an employee is not as hard as anyone can think. If you want to evaluate performance, then you have to look at basic things first. Does this particular employee come on time? Employees who regularly come late to work or are usually absent actually have serious performance issues. The first thing to do is to bring his attention to this habit and to make him understand that punctuality does not mean he is doing his best in his job. Besides, the negative attitude or the mere toleration of this habit may actually affect his co-workers. Performance evaluation should have a goal of correcting the tardiness habit.

Does he produce quality work?

Every good employee assessment must be focused on the work output since this is one of the most important criteria for judging whether a company is in profit or not. Even if work and projects are produced in a timely manner, the work should be outstanding or at least above average. If the employee does not commit his skills to meet the expectations of the company, remind him of his personal performance objectives.

Does he have good personal habits?

Employee performance does not only deal with tangible aspects of performance like punctuality and quality of work. However, if an employee has habits that actually distract other employees such as spreading gossip, inciting trouble, disruptive behaviour and overuse of the computer and other office equipment for personal purposes, then this employee deserves to be reprimanded or reminded about the rules.

Perform a Client Survey

One’s performance in the workplace can hardly be determined by mere observation of the supervisor. What is important is that this particular employee can practically satisfy so many clients. A client survey especially if it has open-ended questions can actually be a very objective and practical measure for employee performance. As long as the employee meets client expectations, some of his shortcomings in other aspects may be overlooked. However, if this employee only produces more and more dissatisfied and angry clients, then something should be done.

Carry Out Random and Surprise Inspections and Checks

Without warning, the best thing to do is to carry out a random check of telephone calls, records and actual work performance. If you make this a habit, this will encourage your employees to perform consistently well. Random checks can always make employees become conscious of every moment of work.

We at The Startup Expert ® believe that punctuality, quality of work, good personal habits, high performance based on client surveys and based on random checks will always define what a good employee is. Without such criteria for performance, company goals will not be reached and profits will not be maximized. For further advice, you may contact us.

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