$1000 Cash Giveaway!

What would you do if you won $1,000?
Maybe buy that item you didn’t receive for the holiday?
Buy something for someone you care about? Donate to a good cause? Put it back into your business?

Doesn’t matter. It would be yours to do with as you please!

We at The Startup Expert are excited to be offering just that. A prize of $1,000 will go to one lucky winner, no strings attached. OK. Maybe one. We’d like you to answer a few questions for us. We’ll look at your responses and choose the $1,000 cash winner.

But, hey, we’re still offering all those who participate something of value. By simply answering a few easy questions, everyone who does will receive one of the The Startup Expert services valued at $997.

Your part – please answer the following:

1. How long ago did you start your business?

2. How is your business structured? (e.g. LLC, partnership, single proprietor, corporation)

3. What is the biggest struggle you face with your business and why?

4. How many employees does your business have?

Next, in 300 – 500 words, please tell us what you’ll do if you’re the lucky $1,000 winner.

Please send your response to Kendra@TheStartupExpert.net no later than January 15, 2018. The winner of the $1,000 will be chosen and notified by February 1, 2018. All others who respond will then be notified which service from The Startup Expert, valued at $997, they will be receiving.

Could you use $1,000?

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